2nd line

Professional 2nd line emergency response is our core activity. Our main task is to respond to incidents which carry the risk of affecting or harming people, the environment or physical assets.

OFFB 2nd line consists of six rotating on-duty teams. In the event of an incident, our emergency response team will be mobilised within one hour – around the clock, all year round.

However, the task of managing an incident starts immediately.

Each duty team includes an Emergency Response Manager, a Chief of Staff, an Authorities Coordinator, a Logistics Coordinator, a Personnel Coordinator, and an Information Coordinator.

Technical support may also be obtained from the operating companies. OFFB uses CIM as a continuous crisis management tool for the 2nd and 3rd lines.

OFFB's 2nd line emergency response organisation is an integral part of the operators' emergency response organisations. It trains and exercises its own personnel, the operator's 3rd line emergency response organisation as well as collaborating actors.

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