Our partners

RelyOn Nutec

RelyOn Nutec is a leading organisation in the fields of safety, emergency response and crisis management. The company offers training, courses and exercises, as well as advice to risk-prone organisations. RelyOn Nutec has six training centres and offers both off-the-shelf and specially-tailored course programmes and training.




The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO)

NOFO is an association bringing together companies that operate on the Norwegian continental shelf. It addresses the operating companies’ need for oil spill response strategies linked to the exploration for, and production of, oil and gas.





Securitas employs more than 6,000 security personnel spread among its divisional offices over all of Norway, at 44 of the country’s airports, and at six heliports. Securitas is responsible for administering the OSEPs (Operator's Centres for Evacuees and Next of Kin) on behalf of OFFB.




Thon Hotels

Thon Hotels is one of Norway’s leading hotel chains. It was first established as the Rainbow Hotels chain in 1989. Currently, the chain comprises more than 70 hotels in Norway, Brussels and Rotterdam. Thon Hotels supply locations for our reception centres along the entire Norwegian coast.




Offshore Health Services AS (OHS)

OHS provides OFFB with an on-duty doctor service and psychosocial expertise. OHS has operative and locally resident on-duty doctor teams at all locations, as well as access to video conferencing equipment and offshore nurses. It also offers professional medical training to offshore nurses.




One voice

The Crisis Information Management (CIM) platform from One Voice is currently the leading integrated crisis management software on the market. This net-based tool handles all the organisation’s needs at all levels, from operators and client contacts to strategic management.




Norwegian Church Abroad

The organisation Norwegian Church Abroad has experience and comprehensive expertise in the follow-up of people during accident and crisis situations in foreign countries. The organisation offers its services to all. It has nine offshore chaplains who visit offshore platforms and supply vessels, and also make home visits.




Quality Hotel Pond

The Quality Hotel Pond is our nearest neighbour and our preferred hotel for hosting conferences and providing overnight accommodation. It is a business hotel offering good meeting and conference facilities, and has a pleasant lobby area for informal gatherings and mingling.





Cegal supplies OFFB with IT administration and consultant services, as well as IT equipment. A multi-service package is provided as a “Software as a Service” (Cloud) system from Cegal's data centre in Stavanger. Cegal is currently a leader in the provision of cloud-based IT administration in Rogaland county, and its services are used worldwide.





StormGeo is a world-leader in the field of decision support for weather-critical operations in the offshore and shipping sectors. The company has developed a specially-tailored system for OFFB that provides access to weather forecasts and criteria alerts, as well as access to StormGeo's 24/7 meteorological enquiries service.




Maskegruppen (the Maske Group)

Maske is one of Norway’s largest wholesale distributors in its field. It has ten divisional offices and eight sales outlets from Tromsø in the north to Sandefjord in the south, and covers the entire country with its locally well-acquainted and highly qualified technical staff. The group supplies OFFB with all our office accessories.





As a member of OFFB you will have access to, and ownership of, a member-led, non-profit 2nd line emergency response organisation. All oil and gas companies on the Norwegian continental shelf can be members of OFFB.

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OFFB is a member-led, non-profit emergency response organisation utilised by many operating companies on the Norwegian continental shelf.


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Located at Koppholen 19 in Sandnes, we have all the facilities we need in two independent situation rooms. Our emergency response team will be mobilised within one hour.


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Our evacuation centers are in the coastal towns of Stavanger, Bergen, Florø, Kristiansund, Brønnøysund and Hammerfest. 


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Get an overview of OFFB´s activities in four minutes.


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