A unique collaboration

Eleven operating companies – robust, cost-effective and sustainable operations

More than 100 operations

Exploration drilling, production, onshore facilities and transportation
Since starting up, we have supported more than 100 operations

A driving force for standardisation

Centre of competence, transparency, knowledge sharing and transfer

Emergency response is our full-time job

Ten years of experience, best practice, continuous improvement

A complete services provider

Centre for evacuees and next of kin, call centre, on-duty doctor, support team

Crisis communication

A strong team, stakeholder analyses, strategic advisors

More than 130 exercises each year

From basic skills training to major collaborative exercises

Ask us about preparedness

We share knowledge and collaborate with a wide range of emergency response actors

Preferred partner on the NCS

We form an integral part of the operators’ emergency preparedness

Room for more members

Collaboration, quality, professionalism


The operator´s association for emergency response

The Operator’s Association for Emergency Response, known as OFFB, is a member-led, non-profit emergency response organisation utilised by many operating companies on the Norwegian continental shelf. We provide professional 2nd line emergency response services to our members, and are an integral part of their emergency response systems. OFFB also acts as a resource and expertise centre for all its members.

Crisis management with master’s students

At the University of Stavanger, master’s degree students of societal safety are getting a thorough, theoretical introduction to the subject of crisis management. On Monday the 1st of November, the students visited OFFB to learn how theory can be put into practice.

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OFFB features in NATO magazine

The Operators' Association for Emergency Response (OFFB) is a specialised, civilian emergency response organisation, and an integrated part of Norway’s total defence. In the latest issue of NATO’s ‘The Three Swords’ magazine, OFFB is introduced to an international readership.

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Research: Peer-reviewed article published in Magma

A new research article by Riana Steen and Alf Inge Molde is outlining learning points from an outbreak of COVID-19 at the West Phoenix drilling rig in August 2020. It discusses how uncertainty, time pressure and escalating consequences magnify the need for resilience in emergency preparedness.

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Looking after people affected by crises

“The fear of making mistakes may be the biggest challenge when faced with people who are going through crises,” says psychology specialist Heidi Wittrup Djup. Together with her colleagues at Clinic for Crisis Psychology, she’s ready 24/7, all year round, to attend to those affected by emergency events – and to support those responsible for handling such situations.

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Research: New modelling method enhances emergency preparedness

In order to close the gap between emergency response plans and the way tasks are carried out in real life, far more factors and aspects must be mapped and included in the planning, Riana Steen believes. In a new research paper written in collaboration with the Operator's Association for Emergency Response (OFFB), she explains how this can be done.

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Big cooperation exercise in Florø

Today, on January 28, OFFB conducts a full-scale exercise, based on a hypothetical security incident at the heliport in Florø in Vestland county. A wide range of companies and authorities are collaborating in the drill.

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